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Coach Skeens has radically impacted the lives of thousands of people during his career.  His unique background as a philanthropist, entrepreneur and endurance athlete have taken him on a journey in manifesting a message of what it really takes to find new levels of success in all areas of life.


His mental toughness training, his Shatter Expectations formula and his life coaching are perfect for anyone looking to change their perspective on success, happiness and achieving things you never thought possible.


24 Year Old College Athlete

"Working with Coach Skeens has been the best thing to ever happen to me as an athlete and a human. I grew physically, mentally and emotionally and allowed me to reach my full potential."

Christina Kremer

Head VB Coach at Gardner-Webb University

"Kevin worked with my first college team back in 2015 and I attribute the breakout year we had to the work he did with us. Our team was young and inexperienced, but through the mental training they received from Kevin they were able to overcome so many obstacles that came their way. In sports, we are so quick to train our athletes physically but in my opinion, the real breakthrough happens when we can connect what's going on in their heads to what is happening with their sport! Kevin has shown me the value of the Shatter Expectations formula and I would happily recommend him to anyone in athletics."


Parent of Two HS Athletes

"Life has been presenting some pretty enormous challenges for kids these days. Just wanted you to send a huge "Thank You" your way because during these tough times our kids Sophie and Abby have shown such amazing leadership skills in supporting their peers and being positive role models for their friends. We feel Ballistic and your coaching has played such an important part in developing confident, accountable and HAPPY young women."


15 Year Old Athlete

"During the Covid 19 pandemic, “Shatter Expectations” was the only thing keeping me going. To me, shattering expectations means being the best athlete you can be. We where taught that shattering expectations is about your mindset, heart set, soul set, skill set and health set. Journaling was a big part of keeping e going because it allows me to reflect on each aspect of what I am doing."


18 Year Old College Freshman

"I was really overwhelmed during my first semester at college.  Balancing classes, trying to make new friends and work was really stressing me out.  Talking to Kevin allowed me to bring everything into perspective and taught me some amazing tools I use everyday to keep my mind focused and positive."

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